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"Sexual Offences (Bailiwick of Guernsey) (Amendment) Law, 2011". (in Catalan) Demà entren en vigor lleis importants, com la d'unions civils o la 'regla dor' "Data" (PDF). Retrieved 30 September 2010. Anti-discrimination laws concerning sexual orientation Laws concerning gender identity/expression European Union Legal in all 28 member states 363 / Legal in 26/28 member states / Legal in 15/28 member states / Stepchild adoption legal in 18/28 member states;. State portal of the Republic of Kosovo. Retrieved 5 December 2017. "lgbt Rights in Eritrea - Equaldex". 48 Legal cohabitation since Legal since Legal since Bans all anti-gay discrimination, sex changes do not require sterilisation and surgery 541 France Legal nationwide since 1791 Legal in Savoy since 1792 UN decl. Scholars disagree as to whether the Lex Scantinia imposed the death penalty or a hefty fine. Retrieved September 14, 2012. "En Bolivia, seis transexuales lograron cambiar de identidad - Diario Pagina Siete". "South Australia gays get new rights by Tony Grew (7 December 2006. Huffington Post: Mark Niesse, "Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie Signs Same-Sex Civil Unions Into Law February 23, 2011, accessed April 13, 2011 "Votes for SB13-011" (PDF). The death penalty was prescribed. Anti-discrimination laws concerning sexual orientation Laws concerning gender identity/expression Djibouti Legal (No laws against same-sex sexual activity have ever existed in the country) 48 Eritrea Illegal since 1957 (as part of the Federation of Ethiopia and Eritrea ) Penalty: Up to 3 years imprisonment. sercq island guide gay et lesbien The Adoption Authority of Ireland. 48 Unregistered cohabitation since 2002; Civil unions since 2005 Legal since Legal since 2013 6 Bans all anti-gay discrimination Covered under the "sex discrimination" provision of the Human Rights Act 1993 Melanesia lgbt rights in: Same-sex sexual activity Recognition. BBC Mundo (in Spanish). Mexico City: Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation. 87 87 Female uncertain Constitutional ban since 2005 Horn of Africa lgbt rights in: Same-sex sexual activity Recognition of same-sex unions Same-sex marriage Adoption by same-sex couples LGB people allowed to serve openly in military? (in Portuguese) AR altera lei das unies de facto Law. Retrieved "CBC News - Film - Iran's gay plan". "Mexico City's gay marriage law takes effect". Female always legal 48 Uzbekistan Male illegal Penalty: up to 3 years imprisonment. Council passes gay rights resolution".


Entre filles (Trio lesbien avec godes).

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"Uruguay Lifts Ban On Gays In The Military". 48 citation needed Bans all anti-gay discrimination 54 Requires surgery for change 483 Bulgaria Legal since 1968 UN decl. The Government of Moldova. 48 British Indian Ocean Territory ( Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom ) Legal since 2001 UN decl. (in Spanish) constitucion politica DE LA republica DE honduras DE 1982 "Honduras Bans Gay Marriage Adoption". "Civil Partnership Act 2011" (PDF). "Guernsey to follow relaxation of UK blood donor rules". "Uruguay passes bill to allow citizens to choose gender identity". Archived from the original on Retrieved "Libyan Penal Code of 1953, Amended 1956 (selected provisions related to women) 4: Title III Offences Against Freedom, Honour and Morals". In many traditional Melanesian cultures a prepubertal boy would be paired with an older adolescent who would become his mentor and who would "inseminate" him (orally, anally, or topically, depending on the tribe) over a number. 34 Soldiers were free to have relations with their male slaves ; 35 the use of a fellow citizen-soldier's body was prohibited, not homosexual behaviors per. Retrieved Marriage, being a union of a man and a woman, as well as the family, motherhood and parenthood, mujeres de madrid que buscan hombres sullana shall be placed under the protection and care of the Republic of Poland. "NEW caledonia catches UP TO france". 48 citation needed Malta Legal since 1973 UN decl. Archived from the original on Retrieved "Billet d'Etat ". "Employment labour law in Angola". "Sodomy Laws American Samoa". Retrieved Expresso da Notícia (25 December 2005). "Zurich grants gay couples more rights". Constitution of the Republic of Ecuador, Political Database of the Americas, "Official Registrar" (PDF). sercq island guide gay et lesbien

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