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issues in Austin, in her district, and what she hopes to accomplish if elected. Theres a storm a-brewin up in the Northeast. . Various late night TV hosts talk about George Clooneys wedding. The Chief gives us more details of the Colton Turner investigation and talks about child abuse awareness. Louis tells us about the Annual Class Car Show going on tomorrow in Thorndale from 9:00.m. Segment 2 Troys students are done with finals and the guys talk about whether or not he failed anyone. Find out in Jimmy Carters not-so-entertainment report! Segment 4 Quick Hits of the day include smelly bathroom talk, old men still having the hots for women and recent movies. F segment from Jimmy Fallon, a clip of a man singing about waiting in line at the post office, and Jimmy Fallon talks with Billy Crystal about his favorite Robin Williams memory. Segment 4 Bob had a listener complaint about wanting the A M score, and he addresses. We look at and play a few songs from the Billboard Chart top hits of the 2010s decade. . Today is Papa Henry Salass anniversary. The show also discusses high school football championship games. October of 2014, Brad Paisley wrote a song about Austin. Not only are they in the studio to talk about the. Bob talks to Pastor Randy Phillips about his annual Good Friday service at the Long Center. The guys talk about drive through windows and how difficult they are. Commissioner Zak Covar of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (tecq) calls in to tall about conservation, recycling and America Recycles Day tomorrow. ted talk gay marvin gaye greatest hits download The guys also talk about the donations received from yesterday and the show. Rita Wilson announced that she has Breast Cancer. The Texas Country Kickoff is this Friday at the Cedar Park Center! The guys briefly discuss the possibilities of the Ferguson and Rick Perry verdicts, which are both expected to be announced soon. Segment 2 sxsw is happening in Austin and Bob talked about Austin being the live music capital of the world, but all of the permitting required. Wednesday,  March 18th, 2015 segment 1 We discussed the showcase last night on Sixth Street and more on insiders club. A man jumps the fence at the white house and Bob reminisces on his trip to the white house in the 80s along with his style. Segment 3 Jimmy Carter calls in and boy its nice to have him back at this time. Singer Mack Abernathy calls into the show and talks about his old song, Dont Tax My Beer and details of the Bacon Bash event on October 13th! Segment 2 We have our friend Greg Berger from Precision Camera join us today! Rayvon Owen is the guy to watch on American Idol according to Jimmy. Thursday, April 30th, 2015 segment 1  Bob and Eric share the problems in radio with the Insiders Club. The Rolling Stones are making a summer tour announcement.

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