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humanity in a way which others can just imagine. But theses hide the fact that he was a gay. Herer are some proofs. Was Leonardo da Vinci Gay? Isaacson's 'Leonardo da Vinci Gay, and a Renaissance 'giant' L214 éthique animaux on Twitter: Léonard de Vinci était No, we're not saying Leonardo Da Vinci was gay. We don't know if Leonardo was gay. Frankly, it's none of our business who (if anyone) or what (if anything) titillated Leonardo's libido 500 years after the fact, but let's give those who do care some information. Isaacson's 'Leonardo da Vinci Gay, and a Renaissance 'giant' The Italian renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci becomes human at the hands of Walter Isaacson in a new "genius" biography. «Léonard de Vinci était un vrai outsider à son époque.

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Isaacson has tackled Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs, and now he's cast his considerable storytelling skills on an Italian renaissance giant with. Time magazine editor-turned-Aspen Institute leader manages to bring historical giants into vivid, 3D life that makes it worth extending the man's lifespan by a century. 24 25 Sodomy was theoretically an extremely serious offense, carrying the death penalty, but its very seriousness made it equally difficult to prove. 26 Michael White points out that willingness to discuss aspects of Leonardo's sexual identity has varied according to contemporary attitudes. Some evidence of Leonardo's personal relationships emerges both from historic records and from the writings of his many biographers. I can make armored wagons carrying artillery, which can break through the most serried ranks of the enemy. Inevitably suggest that his relationship with the master was of a kind honored in classical times, and partly tolerated in the renaissance, in spite of the censure of the Church.". From his actions and the way Leonardo treated him, Salai played the role of son, friend, helper, and quite possibly, lover.". Edward MacCurdy (one of the two translators and compilers of Leonardo's notebooks into English) wrote:.The mere idea of permitting the existence of unnecessary suffering, still more that of taking life, was abhorrent to him. To put myself in communication with your Excellency, in order to acquaint you with my secrets. That this horror of inflicting pain was such as to lead him to be a vegetarian is to be inferred from a reference which occurs in a letter sent by Andrea Corsali to Giuliano di Lorenzo de' Medici. Da Vinci was anonymously accused, and it's quite tempting to speculate that the accuser was a lesser-talented artist.


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Leonardo's musical performances so far surpassed those of Ludovico's court musicians that the Duke was delighted. "The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci". All the time, through all his other enterprises, Leonardo never ceased drawing." Leonardo's father, Ser Piero, realising that his son's talents were extraordinary, took some of his drawings to show his friend, Andrea del Verrocchio, who ran one of the largest artists' workshops in Florence. In other words, the jury is out and will remain so until we discover a tell-all biography dating from Renaissance Italy. I can construct bridges which are very light and strong and very portable with which to pursue and defeat an enemy. Actor Leonardo DiCaprio plans to play the artist Leonardo da Vinci in a movie adaptation of Walter Isaacson's biography. leonard de vinci epoque schwimmbad gay

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