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Confidentialité, conditions d'utilisation, inscription. You can choose to tell everyone your role, or you can choose not. "Nighttime" will start at 9PM each night. The werewolf has chosen the first victim: KittyKat, the mayor Remaining villagers: Myst Happy Pod You guys have until 1 PM EST tomorrow to pick who you think the werewolf. Each werewolf must PM me back with their choice and include the others in the PM as well. You come home and you're all tired, ready for bed. That person will then be "killed" off from the game.

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Rules: This person does a good job of explaining the game's rules. Cest moi!" -Lafayette, Hamilton, lumi, admin » Be kind; everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. Once a suspect is chosen, they are then killed off. Background Info: You're all simple villagers and you've all been working hard all day long. I'll slightly be modifying that for the forum version. 3 Rectangle 1ShapeoutlookpersonJoin Group on LayersImported LayersImported les loups-garous de thiercelieux eg 20150817. « 4,246 posts 3DS FC: nnid: SoWhat2012 Mini-Profile Background: "image g color Mini-Profile Text Color: ffffff That was a great game! I'm closing sign up on Friday, Nov. Suivez-nous, englishEnglish 2018 Meetup, meetup est une filiale détenue exclusivement par WeWork Companies Inc. I'd move nighttime back to 7PM if we do move daytime to 6AM. loup garou de thiercelieux personnages gay disco in paris Cest moi!" -Lafayette, Hamilton 1,359 posts 3DS FC: Mini-Profile Text Color: 000033 All roles have been given out. This cycle will go on until all the werewolves have been found. I will announce who's been picked by the werewolves. « 4,246 posts 3DS FC:, nNID: SoWhat2012, mini-Profile Background: "image g color. For this game, I'll be the mod. Cest moi!" -Lafayette, Hamilton 525 posts 3DS FC: nnid: Amanda364 via Tapatalk Aww shucks Amanda from Funville Kittykat364 on Gamefaqs and Belltree Lumi Admin » Be kind; everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

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Every night, a villager is killed by the werewolves, and every morning, a suspect is picked and killed by the villagers. Everyone's still alive Happy was the werewolf, so the villagers win this round "I came from afar just to say 'Bonsoir!' Tell the King Casse-toi! This game will be in real time. CC Club's Halloween Werewolf Second Editionn, halloween werewolf m/ /posts facebook; amateur gay gratuit plan cul albertville m/falkan. During the day, the villagers convene and try to figure out who the werewolf. I'll PM everyone their roles. Un passage de plus de 7 minutes dans la matinale de la chaîn. One person must be picked per night. The roles will be: Simple villager, unlimited the little girl, at most. Edit: It's dark outside and all the villagers are comfortably sleeping in their beds when suddenly there's a looong ominous howl The next day, the villagers wake up to find that tragedy has struck. Tell the King Casse-toi! Résultat: bravooo Hmz Chahir ( un loup-garou ) a gagné la partie; il respecte le règlement de ce jeu, un exemple pour les amoureux de ce jeu, I I, i I,. Paris, France, introduction, aucune introduction pour l'instant, connexion. Everyone then has until 9PM to pick someone they think is the werewolf. Once you are dead, you cannot come back into the game, as ghosts cannot talk. There may be other versions of this in English, but this is the one I've learned. Last Edit: by, lumi "I came from afar just to say 'Bonsoir!'. I'll be PMing every werewolf to ask them which villager they're going to "kill". Photos, videos #idekoum#bessaha#hena#bonheur, see All m, ambiance au Cc Club, reportage de echourouk TV sur Cc Club réalisé le, et diffusé à l'antenne le 08-04-15. Game will end when there's only one werewolf and one villager left or when all werewolves or all villagers have been killed.

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