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wumot ithob" lonwo (IWa- ) eo»e« of BumtnUa faUier e iy'iA rPrtwh. However, Pedro's dashing nephew. Authorj Voltaire (1694-1778 because of the pungency Off hla writing, spent much of his lifetime rubning away to Clreyi; to the court of Frederick the Greatj and to Ferney, his estate - over the French border In Switzerland. Kesumei Alan Quatermaln (Haggard's favorite hto, like Mar- low In Conrad) lUds Bit Henrj Curtis and Captain Good, to- gether with the mysterious 2ulu, Umbopa, on a madcap double quest 10 find Sir Uetir/s missing brother and to locate. Later, aTnipithy U bnllt np for Bobaahor aa we aee him, throngb moditatlen in hla cell, erolting, ppUtiM priii? 353 The Wett Yt* SainUt and The TinUr'e Wedding (p. #J86 tsacbees* duiDX TO WOltD LlTmiUUC BHthu Berlolli THE threepenny opera (OiE dreigroschnorGR 1928 j 82 pogos. Compaiative: The basic plot derives from Shakespeare, The lush sentlmentalism of the novella is influenced by OoL*thoa!rh Scrrowi of Y yung Wtriher (p. LiOpe de Vega wrote by formula notice the similar situations, personr agSj and denouement in Perihafiett and you will have determined 9 this formula. gites france aude hairy gay teacher


Blacked Thirsty Teachers Assistant Craves Her Professors BBC. A fascinating comparative study may be made with Jean Cocteau's Th Humn Voice (p. Wakslationi Urcellent, by Luclenne Hill, In Paul. After marriage with the muleteer, Lola still teases Turiddu. BackgrouHdi of American Literary Thoughi, Rod. Hesume i Years aer Aeglathus and Cljtemnestra hare leamed to feel seeurOj Orestes returns from Phocis, First ire s Eleetta naking libations to her father*s memory and Invoking rengeanej then as Orestes appears there is mutual recognltioti Mtiree. On ti crowd/ he saw a very ydoAg gtrl wlfo waved a white hahdyeKhlif in enthnsiasmi this cansed him Imost to fall. REStJMhough Cherrfyshevsky starts his novel with.opukhov's arranged "suicide the story begins with Vera Roaalsky, captive of a domlnooHng, usurous, wlne-bSbblng mother, Aletev*.ia, who la trying to force Vera into a profitable marriage vlth the wastrel Storeshnlkov. 325, net, Fahere md Sone,. Instead he agrees to help a alovrv witted but handaome, tongue-tied fellow Quadsmanj Christtan/ to pay court to Boxane, something Chrtatian doea not have th6 wit and vocabulary. Shlnji dis- tinguishes himself by a daring action during a typhoon off Okinawa and wins Matsue.

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